We practice courage by testing our limits

This is the story of two lionhearted individuals combining their forces to create the one and only Particles Media


What started as a two person collaboration throughout our education has prospered into a multi-cultural team, dedicated to break through the monotonous video content that’s flooded the video production industry. 

How we create.

Every time we develop new work, we put a piece of our hearts inside it. The passion behind our projects is what makes your video stand out from the crowd.

We are committed to delivering exceptional quality of work, for your target audience.

Harmonise ideas.

We are proud of our ability to bounce and develop ideas of each other. By combining the minds of multiple professionals we brainstorm and develop innovative content; overcoming our creative limitations. 


The people.

Our team consists of the next generation professionals, breaking through the industry with exceptional work.

Each one of us has a different story, but what connected us together is the shared passion for the art of video production. 


Although we are based in England, we have traveled to 6 different countries and counting to film beautiful content for our clients.  

Michal Thomas Czerniak

Sound Designer

My name is Mike Thomas Czerniak and am a graduate of University of Huddersfield in 2018. Having spent the past 7 years studying music technology I’ve focused my studies to sound design for moving image.

Sound has been surrounding us before we were even born. It is a fundamental part of our understanding of reality. It is therefore no wonder that it can affect you emotionally.

This is what I do: I support videos, animations & visual effects in setting the right atmosphere through sound; boosting the impact of the art-work for the right target audience.

Working for films is my dream come true.

Josh A. S. Hill


For me, film combines everything. That’s why I’ve made cinema my life’s work. I was always a filmmaker before I was anyting else. If Anything, I was a storyteller. 

I combine the arts of cinematography, camera angles, movement, music and sound to share our stories, messages and ideas with people all over the world.  

Videography is not about pointing the camera and recording. Placement, movement of visuals, lighting and shot compositions… Videos are like paintings in time; each second filmed can evolve the story in different directions. 

I really love what I do. I think you might too.

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