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Immersive video content.

If a painting can tell a thousand words by using just our sight and interpretation; then a video will create a remarkable experience, placing your story at the forefront.

Innovative Video Production Company based in Rugby, West Midlands

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Yes, our portfolio is currently biased against engineering, design and manufacturing industries. Yet each project has a unique appeal; the result of years of training, preparations and expertise. It is our dedication to innovation in our projects that makes our work so unique. 

The Services.

What we do isn’t just simply video production;
We create engaging stories that immerse the viewer into your brand, product or service.

Video marketing is a vital part of any up-to-date business; which is why we take our collaborative process seriously, delivering  videos that put your values at the forefront.


Is your video marketing driving you any sales?

People like to consume video content more than reading long texts on your website.  We want to understand what you are looking for; what impression you want your clients to experience.

Pre Production

We take pride in creating the story and vision for your video. 

This is the part where we develop the ideas with you, plan your storyboard and visualise your production shot list. The core values of your business and your target audience will help us interpret your ideas into a tangible project.


Here is where we capture your story; bringing our shared vision to reality.

The filming can take a couple of days in different locations, using a range of industry standard equipment (such as professional 4K resolution cameras, ‘Glidesky’ for smooth camera movement and of course our beloved 4K Drone).

Post Production

he devil is in the details.

We pass the project back and forth; between each other his is the most time consuming process with opportunities for your feedback on our work. 

Polishing your project allows us to nitpick details to take your video to the next level. Spending that extra time perfecting the work is what distinguishes our work from other film makers.

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We all have our unique story .

Find out more about us, our values and the journey to deliver innovative and high quality video services. 

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